Who uses our quizzes for their virtual quiz nights

We asked for feedback from some of our customers who are using our quizzes during the lockdown period.

Amanda emailed us on 28 July and said the following:

"I just had a play with one of the quizzes, and they are amazing, I am so impressed. I will be using them to entertain our Volunteer Counsellors and I’m sure they are going to go down a treat. They are also great value."

Jason who works for a charity emailed the following on 28 July 2020:

"I get so much good feedback from the service users and staff alike so credit to you and the team."

Debbie emailed us the following on 17 July 2020

"Thank you so much - Your quizzes are going down really well.   My kudos as quiz queen has gone up!"

Tim from Westbury emailed the following:

"The quiz was great, I downloaded it to keep my family entertained during lockdown. We had an absolute blast doing the free PowerPoint quiz over Zoom.

I have just ordered 3 more quizzes that I am planning to use as free events for my local covid-19 support group and business networking contacts.

Thank you for putting together such great quizzes at a good price... The quality and cost means my business is able to support friends family and the community during these strange times without having to spend loads of money."

Nick emailed us the following comments:
"We did the quiz last night using Microsoft Teams and it was a great success. We added our own kids rounds to the beginning, so including something like that in the future would be great. We’ll definitely be getting more from you, great work 👍"

If you haven't yet tried our quizzes for a virtual quiz night on Microsoft Teams or Zoom why not give it a try and bring your friends and family together in these challenging times.

If you are looking for packs of ready made pub quiz questions which include picture quiz questions why not take a look. The link below will take you to the quizzes. If you sign up or contact us we will send you a free one. www.power-pubquiz.com




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  • Hi there,
    Is there a sample I can download to see if the questions are suitable for an Ozzie audience?
    I’m hosting a pub quiz for work and will buy but obviously rather make sure.


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